Recent service in Montana and North Dakota

I have been asked to share a description of services that Montana had prior to March 26, 2013. I pulled this map from Rimrock’s website. The map is not totally accurate. The corridor shown in red had two round trips per day through Butte, and one from Bozeman-Three Forks-Townsend-Helena-Drummond-Missoula.

In combination, intercity providers usually operate on the following corridors that start or pass through Montana:

  • The corridor between Missoula and Billings usually is served with three round trips a day. Two round trips run on I-90 through Butte. The third round trip passes through Helena. Two of the three routes are currently being operated by Jefferson Lines
  • Greyhound operates two round trips connecting Missoula to Seattle.
  • Jefferson Lines runs one round trips a day between Billings and Fargo, snaking between I-94 and US 2 through Miles City, Glendive, Sidney, Williston, Bismarck, and Fargo.
  • There currently is no intercity service on US 93 between Missoula and Whitefish
  • Usually an intercity operator will run one round trip a day on I-15 between Butte and Great Falls, and a second round trip between Great Falls and Helena with timed connections to Missoula, Bozeman, Billings, and points beyond. These routes are no longer in service.
  • North Central Transit travels between Fort Belknap and Great Falls via Havre on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Northern Transit Interlocal runs one round trip a day between Shelby and Kalispell on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  • Northern Transit Interlocal operates two round trips a day between Shelby and Great Falls on Monday and Thursday
  • Salt Lake Express runs two round trips a day on I-15 between Butte and Salt Lake City via Idaho Falls
  • Arrow/Black Hills Stage Lines runs twice a day between Billings and Denver. One route runs through Lovell. The other route runs through Sheridan, Wyoming.
  • This Amtrak schedule operates on the Highline across northern Montana and North Dakota.

Greyhound, Salt Lake Express, Arrow/Black Hills Stage Lines, and Jefferson operate 365 days a year and are interlined. Rimrock’s old schedules are listed below.