Salt Lake Express cancels service between Butte and Great Falls

UPDATE: As of February 2014, US 93 has one round trip per day. I-15 will have one round trip per day between Great Falls, Helena, and Butte starting February 20th..

ORIGINAL POST: Salt Lake Express just announced that, effective August 21st, they will be cancelling Route SLE0073 and SLE0074 from Great Falls, MT to Butte, MT on I-15.

Until someone steps in to fill the service, this means Helena and Great Falls will have no intercity service. The only intercity service in Montana will be on I-90 and I-94.


2 thoughts on “Salt Lake Express cancels service between Butte and Great Falls

  1. Gary

    I need some help as I need a bus schedule and fare from any website as I’m seeking a bus ride from Missoula to Helena (hoping to make a day trip).

    Your help is much appreciated.

    Thanks. Gary

    1. Lisa

      It won’t be possible with a day trip, and after August 21 it won’t be possible at all. You can get the schedule from, but it doesn’t look good. The trip takes 8 hours, 50 minutes, compared to 3 hours by car.

      You can buy a ticket at the Missoula bus depot, which is probably the best bet, or through Greyhound, Jefferson LInes, or Salt Lake Express. It’s listed on Greyhound at $37 for travel tomorrow.

      Here is the schedule:

      Start in MISSOULA, MT 11:15 AM (Jefferson)
      Arrive in BUTTE, MT 01:05 PM
      Depart BUTTE, MT 06:45 PM (Salt Lake Express)
      Arrive HELENA, MT 08:05 PM

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